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    “The system is simple to use and it worked within a few days.”
    Nely Q, New York, NY
    mom to 8 month old son

    Holistic Baby Acupressure System: 12 Acupressure Points for Pediatric Sleep Improvement and Wellness Support

    FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL US!  In this 138 page fully illustrated book parents and caregivers learn everything they need to provide simple, effective and safe acupressure protocols to children from birth until the age of five. The history of Chinese pediatrics is explained and the origins of many childhood illnesses are explored through the framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Twelve key acupressure points are illustrated and methods for their use in both sleep and wellness protocols are presented. Acupressure massage techniques are illustrated and hints for providing the best pediatric treatments are given.


    The first branch of this two-fold system is the Holistic Baby Sleep System. It includes the following:

    * 5 acupressure sleep improvement protocols
    * General 24-Hour Protocol to regulate the circadian rhythms
    * 4 Alternative Sleep Protocols to balance the 5 Elements
    * Use of the General 24-Hour Protocol for jet lag prevention
    * Use of the General 24-Hour Protocol for Daylight Saving Time


    The second branch of this two-fold system is the Holistic Baby Wellness System. It includes the following:

    * 19 acupressure wellness protocols for the most common childhood health conditions: allergies, asthma, colic, conjunctivitis, constipation, cough, diarrhea, eczema, ear infections, fever, hyperactivity, lack of appetite, oral thrush, reflux, rhinitis, sore throat, teething pain, urinary tract infections, and vomiting.
    * A Well-Baby protocol to strengthen digestive and immune health


    Possible benefits of putting the Holistic Baby Acupressure System into practice:

    * Increase in nap duration and nighttime sleep duration
    * Decrease in night wakings
    * Improved overall pattern of sleep
    * Improved digestion and appetite
    * Decrease in teething discomfort
    * Decrease in number or duration of colds, flus and coughs
    * Adjunctive support for the treatment of allergies, asthma and eczema
    * Effective treatment for constipation
    * Ease the pain of colic and reduce night crying


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